>I’m gonna have to…

>04:27: I lean into my dog Teak's head and whisper, "I'm going to have to kill him; and you're gonna have to help me hide the body."

And that's how my day started this morning.

Yesterday I had to get my phone replaced due to a water "incident". It wasn't even that dramatic or funny–just got some water on it…which apparently leaked thru the trackball and slowly but surely decimated my phone.

But back to the giant pain in my ass aka Doolie. My dog Life has completely given up on me as an owner and has been sleeping downstairs with what looks to be her middle pad extended upwards in my general direction. Teak the Faithful, well, he stays close but his face and flashing teeth very clearly tell Doolie is he unwelcome.

Greebo, f'n Greebo…well, he wants to give up no ground so he keeps attacking the foolish Doolie which only causes the (again) foolish one to get more excited and bang his idiot head into my bed more soundly Every Time.

(Reason #162 a kindle will never fully replace a book: you can't beat a dog with it–similar to Reason #1 (can't kill bugs) but different.)

Where was I? Oh yes, Doolie…so, I MacGyver'd a separation to keep him out of the bed loft…it involved stacked laundry baskets–that failed.

So we moved onto furniture And the laundry baskets-FAIL.

Then there was a hammock, a chair, and three laundry baskets-FAIL-although it did last just a bit longer.

So, for today–I give up. Hopefully with the addition of a baby gate and a prayer I can sleep tonight.

I would say goodnight; but let's be honest–time to make the donuts…


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