>I know I owe you all the rest of my story. So I've been trying to find some time….and if I had brought my netbook to THE BAR where I'm waiting for my ACCOUNTANT I would have been able to update you.
Sadly, I am only here with a beer and some depressing tax info.
Thankfully there is beer.
I'm over here on the east side of the island. VERY different vibe over here. So, here's the haps:
Still no job security.
Still no money.
Still no husband here.
and I owe way more in taxes than I have.
~shrugs~ but there is beer. Oh tasty beer.
All will be well; I am not concerned (anymore–had a fun few days of panic). So soon this accountant meeting shall occur. I shall hand him checks. Then home and bed. 🙂
Hugs to ya'll. Happy tax day!!!

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