>A tearful goodbye…

>Well, it has happened. I wasn’t sure it would but darn it—it has. I mean nothing lasts forever and we had a good run…

I met my favorite brand of bike shorts back in 2007 from an online company that had them on clearance. I bought six pairs. Well, here we are three years later and they are all starting to die. I can’t complain, they have put in a few good years but they don’t make this kind anymore (of course).

The only story I can liken to what I am experiencing today is a horror my husband and I experienced while camping. We all sat around chatting and laughing and enjoying the company of those around us. One lovely large gentleman was wearing leggings and not much else. At one point the seam of said legging started giving way in the “crotchular” region. It wasn’t as if they just gave way altogether, it was more of a Playdo Fun Factory pressing effect as more and more of his “crotchular” area fun factory’d its way out. My husband gurglecoughsnorted and said in an incredulous and horrified manner, “the structural integrity of your pants has been compromised!!!!” before closing his eyes and trying to forget the image…the horrible horrible image.

Needless to say for a few years all of our friends used my husband’s overly complicated version of “dude, your junk is squeezing out your pants” for anything we could. Often heard around our home was, “the structural integrity of has been compromised!!” ahhh…good times.

So, thankfully my bike shorts are safely covered by coveralls and there is minimal danger of any visually horrifying playdo fun factory events—needless to say it may be time to buy some new “under coverall” shorts.

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