>Hurricane Survival Kit

>Hello. Please note—I am not in any way experienced with hurricanes. Almost every single person who lives on the island has more experience than me and I am certain that they all have hints and tricks better and perhaps more applicable than mine. That said I am going to keep ya’ll updated on what I have been doing to make my world a little more pleasant during inclement weather.

Flush Water
There is nothing as decadent as indoor plumbing. During hurricane season I keep an old cat litter bucket (cleaned and approx. 5 gallons) filled with water (and a little bleach). The cat litter bucket has a lid which I keep closed to prevent mosquitoes from enjoying a breeding ground. Then, when a flush is needed, I have that ability. It’s awesome.

Face Wipes
Okay, I know most of you have heard of the whole baby wipe thing. Those are fine but if you really want to “treat” yourself buy some fancy no water needed face washing towelettes. I have some Olay ones and I love them. They actually made me feel clean before bed. I can’t recommend anything more.

Wash Yer Dang Dishes
Very little is as gross as icky dishwater. Now, if you have it and don’t have electricity or water for a few days it gets really manky. So, when you know a storm is coming make sure to wash all your dishes and put them away before the storm. Then use environmentally unfriendly disposable products during the storm. Water is way too precious to do anything else.

Soapy Water & Rinse Bucket
I use my empty dish washing sink bucket thing and half fill it with sudsy water. This allows me to wash my hands during the storm and after by dunking and swishing. I rinse my hands in a bucket with clean water before drying. This may sound stupid, but it is amazing how often I needed this.

Oil Candles & Lantern
Light is amazing. Sure, I need a headlamp to read and all that but just by illuminating an area it can make you feel less alone. There is a reason everyone gathers at campfires…it feels homey. Just remember all your basic fire safety skills.

Buckets, Buckets, and more Buckets
You may have noticed that I use a lot of buckets—get more of them. Somewhere in your house is going to leak. You may need to soak something in bleach, you may need to dip water out of your cistern, just get lots of buckets. Trust me. I think I have 8 bucket-type objects, and yes, I have used them all.

Drinking Water
A lot of potable water is essential. Seriously. The estimate is 1 gallon per person per day. Pets are a minimum of ½ gallon per pet a day. Those estimates are NOT for people like me and my pets. My big dogs need a gallon per day as well. So, I have about 30 gallons before any hurricane. So far so good.

Insect Repellant/Raid/Boric Acid
The little buggers EXPLODE after a storm. I had an ant infestation on my stove within 1 day following inclement weather. A sprinkling of Borax and they were gone. J Also, mosquitoes are just evil—they will eat you alive after a storm. I keep a can of Off by the bed and in the kitchen. I rarely use Raid—but it isn’t bad to keep on hand.

If there is no power or phone service after a hurricane, there is no way to get money and you can’t pay with a credit card/debit card. So, yeah, take out as much cash as you can prior to a storm. One person I know puts all ones and fives he gets in change in a jar starting June 1st and uses that as his Hurricane Fund. It’s a pretty good idea.

Battery Operated Fan
I don’t have one; but I sure have wished for one for the last few days with no power! I have great hopes of getting one someday. 🙂

Rubbermaid Roughneck Containers
These things are great. Keep a few changes of clothes in one of them so that you have some dry clean clothes to wear. Sometimes everything gets wet.

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