>so i looked in the rearview mirror…

>Yesterday i looked into my rearview mirror on my to court and thought, “holy shit! I have compound hair!”
This led me to stop and think the following: 1. im watching way too much “big love” lately (for those of you who do not watch HBO shows big love is about a polygamous dude and his 3 crazy wives. Anyway, when the storyline of that show goes to “the compound” i’m always amazed at he height of the women’s bangs.) 2. this is not a good look for me. 3. I Really need to look in the mirror and/or brush my hair in the morning.
So, if you are a bit more focused on the “why is heather going to court” part of that last (we shall loosely call a) paragraph, do not fret! I was on my way to fight some traffic tickets which i successfully did as it was a cop no-show.
Work has been unpleasant of late. Lots of problems, both in the equipment, the processes, and worst of all (for me) is the politics. i do not like political shit, trying to scrabble and crawl over one another to make yourself look better. ugh. hate it. so work, not gonna talk about work except to say i have learned more about industrial hygiene in an oil refinery than i ever thought possible. and im still learning…
the court thing, well i went to fight some traffic tickets.

hope this finds everyone well!

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