Too. Much. To. Share…

Ok,  lots be happening and I have absolutely NO time to explain it all; so this may end up being the most convoluted blog post in the history of the ever.  I’m going to list…whenever I can’t make items flow, I list.  Here we go:
1.  I love prune juice.  But whoa, too much is too much. I always get the “poor non pooping girl” look when I buy it, which is embarrassing enough.  But if you accidentally drink 1 swallow too much of the tart tasty goodness, well…you learn quickly why people use it to poop.
2.  I hate the word idiopathic.  Just do people the favor and don’t try to make it sound smart that “shrugs, we don’t know”…I have a dog with we don’t know why epilepsy and I keep getting an infection with a big old we don’t know why as well. 
3.  I hate that I put a passcode on my phone, but I never remember to change it and just have a minor spurt of rage every time I try to use my phone. 
4.  I met with someone who for lack of a better term is a mentor.  She works here, is teeny but holds her own on the fire department.  And she is mildly bad-ass in meetings.   I want to be he when I grow up (not teeny, but badass). She helped me out while making the “where to work” decision and she wanted an update on how things were going.  As we ate lunch and I told the story of my new job her jaw got wider and wider.  Bright side: it felt good to talk to someone.  Downside: when the mentor indicates in a well-bred polite manner that you’re fuct, you’re pretty well fuct. 

5. I was completely unaware until 06:27 on November 10, 2011 that it is possible to sneeze vomit. And please let me tell you that I am not a fan.  I felt vomit a’comin, ran to toilet, sneezed 3 times and then puked.  All I can say to that is what. the. hell. Body?  I called in sick.  I just can’t handle a sneeze-vomit day. I took an allergy pill and now am in bed trying not to move because I feel carsick. 
I have no more words about that except it has been a while since I’ve been sick un-related to the host of other diseases and problems.  I don’t feel good and would like to whine now. 
Feel poopy. 

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