I’m so tired.

I know I’m so tired because I’m sitting on the toilet reading work emails even though I finished peeing a good 10 minutes ago. The dogs keep running in to check on me and after one particularly annoying email I put my face in Freckles’ ruff and cried, “freckles, why are they so douchey?!? Did you know they are so douchey?” this obviously registered to freckles as “go get my bone and chew”.
So now I have to decide whether to take the boots off so I can take the coveralls off and then underclothes and then shower. But this leads to the dilemma of my bag is in the car.
If I take my boots off and then have to go out to the car I either go barefoot and pray for no centipedes….or I put the coveralls all the way back on, leaving boots in place and then get stuff from car.
This dilemma has to be solved before my feet go numb.
~sighs….reaches for boots~

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