mmmkay, won’t make that mistake again

…and what have we learned? ah yes, Heather should *not* take vacations.  Well, correction–Heather can take time off; just don’t freaking go anywhere. 

Enough of the third person crap; so–I went on vacation and it was ever so…well, fucking horrible is the only way to describe it.  I went to Jamaica and while the destination wasn’t horrific (although it had its downsides–I shall share those later) it was more “let’s watch Heather’s world fall apart while she’s gone” (holy crap–why the third person? It’s like I can’t stop).  So, as you may have read I learned that I will be jobless soon.  Obviously this is not a great time to take a vacation but I pre-paid for it and would lose all the money…looking back, I should have just let the money go. 

The first, and most horrific thing that happened is that my beloved Freckles (90 lb mutt) died.  He was the dog who slept in bed next to me every night and while not a good dog; he was a very loved dog.  He had epilepsy.  His first seizure was about 4 months ago and they progressed.  The two nights before I left for vacation he had seizures and kept trying to wander out of the yard.  The morning I was to get on the plane I found him in a ditch.  He was barely responsive; we got him in the car and the housesitter said he was going straight to the vet who was opening early just for Freckles.  Everyone told me to go…I stupidly listened and handed my housesitter .  When we landed in Miami the vet told me he was responsive and they were trying a new medicine.  I was so relieved.  I shouldn’t have been.  Once we were in Jamaica I was assured that there was hope…2 days later I was told (literally) that he was a vegetable.  I told them to put him down.  My heart was broken but I knew I wouldn’t be able to fully grieve until I got home. 

After landing in Jamaica and being rushed through the airport by my fellow travelers (please keep in mind I had not slept for 2 days) I lost $200 and my leather wallet. 

… be continued.

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