Son of a…

Bitch…Gun!  So, while coming up with the name for this blog I asked my friend what she thought of the name “Squished Together” via text message.  There was no immediate reply and I thought about it for 10 minutes and then bought the domain.  I liked it, it made sense since I was going to be squishing two blogs together, and it was available.  I was ever so pleased with my choice.

Approximately 2 hours later I was in Kmart listening to an audio book (in all seriousness, shopping has become much less annoying when I do it while listening to an audio book. I don’t have to listen to store muzak, I don’t have to listen to other people, I just zone out and purchase what I need and leave.  Before you think I am too much of an ass please note I turn it off before I check out) and a text message came through to my phone.  “It makes me think of your boobs.”  huh?! what does? wait a second….SON OF A BITCH GUN!! She is talking about my blog name…squished together, damn it!!!!  She’s right.  It does.  *face-palm* 

So here I am, putting it on the record…that was not my intention when I came up with “Squished Together”; but if it makes you laugh–enjoy!

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