Sold the truck.

So back when I was switching jobs and losing my vehicle I picked up a second job with über boss where I worked to get a truck. Truck was a utilitarian type vehicle which I ended up not needing so I lent it out to people who needed it.

The time came when über boss asked, “what’s the deal with that truck?” I shrugged and said, don’t know I lent it to so and so. Über boss banged his head on his desk a few times and told me to get it back and sell the damn thing.
Mmmkay. So, while I was in Jamaica truck was dropped off at my house where it sat for about 2 weeks.
I got a text on Friday from someone who knew someone who wanted to buy the truck. I said okie dokie.
They came by, drove it around, haggled a bit…gave me cash and off truck went to his new home.
I texted über boss and he told me not to spend all the money in one place. I replied, “don’t worry! I will make sure to get hookers AND blow.”.
Über boss replied, “that’s right.”
Which is why I love that man.

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