Well, shit. I’m broke.

So, for the first time in a very long time I have absolutely no money.  We are talking have no rent money for June, out of dog food, rationing my medications (…if I don’t eat, I don’t need diabetes meds #WIN?)  Since I didn’t eat breakfast this morning before my first day at the new job I was sitting and waiting and looking up bannana nut bread recipes while my stomach growled and mouth salivated.  I was feeling ever so pious and self-riteous; but then they took my ID picture.  WOW–I look hideously huge and have a solid 32 chins.  So, obviously this “poor diet” isn’t really helping me *look* better.  ~sigh~
“What am I doing now” you ask?  Sitting in the university library waiting for the HR department to send the paperwork I filled out this morning to another department which will send my “9000” number (turns out this is just an employee number–but everyone says the term 9000 with reverance so I feel weird just calling it an employee number) to the nice librarian IT lady who will take the picture she just took and slap it on an ID.  Then I will get some sort of university email.  I have an appointment at 16:00 to see my “office” which is pretty close to my house.  But, since it is still under construction I will be mostly working out of my house.  Yes, it hurts my brain too. 
However, I have to fly to another island for a week, and then end up in Florida for some job shadowing and some training,  and did I mention I don’t have any damn money?
It will work out okay…one way or another.  However, please allow me to share my morning.  I felt ever so smug that I had picked out my outfit the night before.  In the morning I put it on and did my makeup.  My eyes are extra fun and puffy because I have sort of run out of allergy meds…so, ya know, I’m extra pretty.  le sigh. 
Then, due to being almost out of dog food I had put some dog food together myself last night and cooked the following in the crock pot: bull foot (2); rice; garlic powder; water; oil.  The dogs were THRILLED with it and in the short term shouldn’ t hurt them.  BUT, unbenknownst to me the stuff splattered on the front of my ironed shirt and when did I notice?  ah yes, when arriving for the first day at my new job.  Thankfully I was wearing a tank top underneath it so I opened the shirt in a jaunty way which hopefull detracted from the grease splatter of beautiousness. 
I feels so pretty today.  😦 
However, the tax forms are filled out, my voided check attached to the payroll form, and I am sitting here in the library waiting for my (fancy) 9000 number.  I think this means they will pay me eventually, right?  I just wish I knew when…
Oh well, I shall power through. 
*kisses, hugs, etc.*

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