ugh. I’m awake.

I would appreciate the world explaining to me why in the hell if I have to be awake I struggle and stumble my way into the morning with one eye glued half closed and forget to find and wear important adult things like pants.  Yet if I don’t have to be awake my body decides that at 5AM on a Sunday is the PERFECT time to WAKE UP in EXTREME OUCH with no drowsiness whatsoever.  So I figured while I waited for the generic Advil to kick in I would say…hi.


I got back to STX on Thursday night after a really long and challenging training.  The concepts behind the training were not difficult, it was more the rampant hell bitch of a lead trainer combined with me being in the state where the house I used to own is in the process of foreclosure where my ex continues to squat and I continue to avoid.  I can say that the trip was amazing because it allowed me to remember that I had an entire life that had absolutely nothing to do with my ex-husband; I had honestly forgotten.  By seeing old friends and co-workers who still care as well as meeting some pretty decent new people (not including hell bitch lead trainer) it felt like I was able to exhale a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.  ~shrugs~ who knew?

However, traveling and stress and having no money and having to learn how to use a western-union type service for the first time to receive money from über boss to keep me able to eat…well, that stress left me physically ouchy as hell this morning.  If I had any money I would get a massage…alas.

There is a crap ton of stuff I feel like I should write about but I am just exhausted.  Not physically exhausted but sort of…soul weary?  yeah, that sounds about right.  soul weary. Anyway, here is a fun list of crap I should write about:

  • Herbert as a service animal
  • traveling with a service animal
  • working for an agency (sort of) I used to see as the enemy
  • diabetes is a complete bastard
  • traveling with diabetes
  • how people who treat diabetes by type as serious vs. no big deal could be the perfect evil of uneducated bias
  • cocoa nibs and how they are delicious and the best thing that ever happened to a diabetic
  • taco bell is not cuisine but it is so damn satisfying I could be convinced to move stateside for it AKA how I would get stupid fat if I lived stateside again
  • my body is weird because I can take serious narcotics to reduce pain and function just fine but Advil (even generic Advil ~grin~) knocks me on my butt which is why I avoid taking ibuprofen (aka Advil) unless I can sleep.   ~shrugs~ all bodies are wired a little different, huh?

So, quick round-up–things ain’t bad.  surviving stuff.  sort of.  🙂  Advil has kicked in and I am off to dreamland.



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