My day

This has been a long day thus far. It is has been a slow march to 10 am and I’m performing a noise survey with a little welding fume sampling thrown in for fun. I really do love my job. Yesterday, I may have actually helped people. At times I feel like I know nothing and to be honest I don’t know all that much. Sometimes though, I’m able to teach people who know even less than I do stuff that helps, and that makes me happy.
So, any of y’all ever been stressed? Not, oh crap I burned my toast stressed, but deep anxiety over being alive and trying like hell to be more at peace but failing miserably? Yeah, me too. My body is pissed about it. The first time I had THIS was when I was 18 and my whole world was cattywhompus and had destroyed a leased car and started college and it was just…a lot. The second time was during marital strife and a death in the family. Now here it is again. Hello creepy rash that isn’t exactly a rash but goes by a name that sounds something like,”pittoriousous rosacea”.  I have no internet nor phone signal at the moment or I would have found the real name but anywhoodle, it looks sorta like ringworm, but isn’t. And then it spreads…currently, the trunk of my body looks like I have some form of a pox. It’s a little itchy, but not horrid. I just look hideous.
The first time I had this I was stuck for about six weeks, the second time was only about two weeks, this outbreak seems more like the first time regarding severity.

When my sister visited me last week we went to a bookstore. There I purchased “the idiots guide to short meditations”. I really like the book so far, but I’m only in chapter 3, so who knows.

I have to find a post office today to pack and ship some items so as not to be crazy overweight luggage-wise. Did I mention my anxiety level is through the roof today which is causing ADD hell thus leading you to the word vomit type post you are now enjoying enduring.

I probably also didn’t mention that I have to leave for the airport at 4am, also that I have to call the airline and remain on hold for a thousand hours to remind them I still have the same Herbert with whom I left the island.

But I have to sit here and wait out my day. And by sit here I mean run around prepping for sample stuff and talk to the client and then come back and realize I am half way through the most rambling blog post of all time.
Bright side? I just got the wifi password. Woooohoooo!

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