Well, I see how you are.

Some mornings I wake up knowing the day is going to kick my ass. Today is one of those days.
Work-wise, yesterday was a pretty good day. I did stuff, impressed the guy I was working with, and worked a 12 hour day.
Herbert was in doggie daycare and came out rather tired and frantic…happy to see me, but he really had to pee and was very much, “hey food lady, great to see you, look at all these other dogs, cool huh? Hey, so, my teeth are floating here. HELP!” So after he peed for a solid 3 minutes where he looked like a dude leaning on a tree after a night of drinking, off we went about our evening which included a squeaky toy play session and then CRASH, asleep. Herbert is sort of the perfect bed sleeper dog, he prefers to be at the foot of the bed curled up next to my feet or knees; last night however he was snoring and it was adorable. Because it was so damn cute I tried to pull him up to cuddle and he gave me a dirty look and went back to the foot of the bed. The doggie daycare gave me a report card (not kidding) and it was adorable too. Said Herbert made a new best friend out of a Doberman named Freya and that they wrestled during both morning and afternoon play seasons. It also said he didn’t have to be  put in a time out which I took to mean I have an amazing and well behaved puppy. 😉
Here is where the little bastard surprised me, this morning we arrived at the daycare and I let him out of the car. He went off and running to the door of the daycare and then when he was picked up by his handler took off with her happy as a clam. Hey?! Damn you with your happy independence and healthy attitude! Stupid normal happy well-adjusted well trained…yeah, I’m happy for him too. Stupid Herbert. Sigh.

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