One thing too much!

You know how I was all “oh, whoa is me…the end is night…I’m ever so sad…blah blah blah” when the world kept kicking me in the teeth? Well, the world took one more shot at my face this morning and instead of being sad I got PISSED.

Completely random aside: I have So You Think You Can Dance on in the background and can ANYONE tell me why Kat Deeley is bright honkin’ orange this season? Anyone? It is freaking me out. 

Okay, back to the rage! Sorry, RAGE! I went into the kitchen to make my delicious nutritious tasty breakfast of ramen noodle (beef flavor if you were wondering). I splurged and used potable water instead of cistern water to fill the pan and attempted to light my stove AND I AM MOTHERFUCKING GODDAMN OUT OF PROPANE! 

At the time I was filled with a burning anger that probably had a lot more to do with having NO GODDAMN DIET COKE IN THE WHOLE HOUSE and NO MONEY EITHER than with not having propane. I was able to make the (damn) ramen noodles in the (already fuckered) microwave which worked this time probably sensing the fact that I would have taken it out into the yard with a sledge hammer a’ la’ office space if it had decided to pull the “my buttons mean nothing and please don’t think I’m going to work in any way for you today bitch” routine it truly enjoys.

My thought process went as follows:

Are you Fucking kidding me? I have given up hot water, the ability to watch television on a television, my credit rating, nutritious food, some of my medications, a truck that I can steer without pulling a motherfucking muscle,and  DIET COKE FOR FUCKS SAKE!  Now I don’t even have the ability to COOK the cheap food I can now afford unless my piece of shit microwave decides to bless me with its ability to “sort of” work.  The rage…it burned. 

So, as you can see–I was pissed. Which, in my humble opinion, is better than being depressed. I popped a caffeine pill to attempt to negate the nasty headache of caffeine withdrawal, ate my ramen noodle breakfast, drank some of my blue kool-aid which is in no way similar to the wonderful carbonated dark cola deliciousness of diet coke, is pretty tasty.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful rage-free morning. 🙂


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