Sleep was hard so I gave up.

And good evening to everyone, I was tired when I got into bed but alas sleep remained an elusive bitch so I thought I would write. I don’t know what I am going to write; but here I go with the writing:  A thought occurred to me this evening that maybe can explain to those who have always wondered why I live here when there are so many ‘challenges’ to living here compared to living stateside. There are many amazing things in the states; not the least of which include taco bell, dunkin donuts, fast service, being able to ignore strangers, food delivery, flower delivery, mail delivered right to your house! There are a billion other great things about living stateside but the reason I prefer to live here is because I really appreciate them when I visit. 

To say I am a consumer is an understatement. I am exactly the type of person advertising folks love–is it new? is it shiny? Then I need it! The unfortunate reality is when I lived in the states I used things to try to feel better about my life–and forgive me for stating the obvious but that doesn’t work. 

So, I now live in a place where I have the opportunity to shop at KMart, OfficeMax, and the newest big chain store on-island–Home Depot. There are obviously other small stores but in regards to big chain stores that is about it. Please don’t get me wrong, those places are fine and everyone here uses them; but I (thankfully) do not have a million options of where to shop and where to eat and I like it that way. So, when I go stateside to visit or for a training seminar I get an amazing rush of OH. MY. GAWD. Look at it all! that it is almost like a roller coaster and I excitedly go up and down aisles with a huge grin on my face. And then I notice the other shoppers completely unaware and uncaring about how incredible it is that they have access to all of it, all of the time; or worse complaining loudly because the starbucks in the target food area is out of whipped cream and how could that have happened and that lack of whipped cream on their caramel whatsit has ruined EVERYTHING. I always want to walk up to these people and shake them and try to wake them up to have some damn joy. 

So, why do I live here? So I do not turn back into that incredibly joyless person accumulating crap because it felt good and expecting everything to be perfect all of the time. Shit does happen. You plan, you prepare, and if something goes wrong you work with it. 

If everyone could do me a favor? Next time you are shopping stop for just a second and look around. Think about how incredible it is that there are places you can go and purchase just about anything you want at just about any time that you want. Remember that the people working there are people with lives and dramas and joys of their very own and then smile like a fool and zip your butt up and down the aisles and embrace some damn joy. 

And if the damn place is out of something you wanted–suck it up, buttercup; you will be okay. 


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