the damn internets are trying to make me cry.

I hope everyone got more sleep than I did last night. I wish I had a good reason for not being able to sleep but nope, I was alone. ~sigh~

So, during today’s lunchtime internet exploration I watched the halftime show (meh) and then some of the commercials. The damn Clydesdale baby horse grows up and reunites with trainer was all heartbreaking and then there was an article about a man giving his dying dog one last perfect day and I became extremely damp and weepy.

Yes, I annoyed myself – so I came here to write that down and get my brain out of whatever wet hole it accidentally fell in.

Additionally, since I watched a portion of the Superbowl with a bunch of boys I am extremely glad I didn’t see that Clydesdale commercial in public. It says a lot about me that while with a group of people having fun watching the Superbowl I really just wanted to get home to check on my toilet repair (I think it is going to hold! ~grin~). The food was great; next time I will bring embroidery or something equally ridiculous.

Okay, so maybe I am in a wee bit of a contrary mood today. ~smile~


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