Ten Random Things About Me

1. I prefer vanilla oreos to chocolate ones.
2. I begin to panic if I don’t have diet coke available.
3. My favorite meal is tacos in any form.
4. When I am happy I sing along with the radio/ipod/elevator music; when I am depressed I forget to sing.
5. I originally thought I could do 100 things about me; downgraded to 50; and around 8 I realized I was being way too ambitious.
6. I love washing laundry more than any other chore; I hate folding laundry more than any other chore.
7. The feeling of clean laundry out of the dryer feels like nails on a chalkboard sounds to me and the folding of laundry is less horrid if I wear gloves (yes, I know this is weird).
8. I feel guilty when I nap.
9. I am not really a cat person and holy crap am I in trouble now that I have a cat who LIKES being chased around by someone saying, “KITTY KITTY KITTY KITTY!” yes, I am a real life Elmira.
10. When I was a wee tiny Heather I used to worry that ants didn’t have enough food and I would put lollipops on ant hills.

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