Health Crap

The other day after my exam as I perched on the table buttoning my pants (incision is healing very well) my doctor sat on her roly stool and flipped pages of my chart. My cholesterol is high (not shocking) and I have been put on a statin (unsuprising). As we talked about side effects I said I didn’t have any problems in the past but while my paternal side can tolerate them my maternal side has serious trouble with statins. Then we went over some family-specific diabetic stuff….she let the chart fall into her lap and said, “crap, you’re LADA.” I replied, “yep, I know–I win at health!” and threw my arms up with unabashed joy and only a smidge sarcasm.
She was impressed I knew what the hell LADA was, large folks like me have trouble getting doctors to see past the type 2 diagnosis.

Should any of y’all want to know more about Diabetes 1.5 please feel free to read about it ( )
but the short version is I have a slow version of type 1 diabetes. It sucks, but honestly most days it feels like that one scene in one of the austin powers movie where the steam-roller is coming at the guy and he stands there and screams….but it is too slow and he runs out of breath….sucks in and then screams again. It’s (supposed to be) funny because he could just meander away. Alas, I am just sorta stuck waiting for the steamroller. That said?  I’m luckier than many cause the slower it goes the longer my ‘honeymoon’ period (seriously, that’s what this is called) lasts.
It’s a little sad, I’ve never been on a honeymoon but I always hoped if i had one it would be WAY more fun than this.
Goodnight y’all. 

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