A wee little boo boo.

I have an ouchie. Actually, I have 2 ouchies. The other night I dropped a glass candle holder onto the tile floor where it exploded like a grenade. Of course I wasn’t wearing any footwear and of course I got a minor shard in my right foot. I hobbled away and pulled it out. The next day, despite having cleaned it up, another shard found my left foot (dammit!!).
So, today my right foot hurts. I can’t *see* any problems, but it is achy in the spot where the glass was which freaks me the hell out. Only because of the diabetes. I keep walking and thinking ow. I know what I SHOULD do. I should be soaking it in clean salted water and inspect it but I’m all in denial and shit. I don’t wanna have the ‘betes and I don’t wanna have the boo boo.
Okay….I’m off to put a soaking bucket together.

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