Okay, this is not a post about any great wrongs done to me or anything too exciting…just a chance to know me a little more should anyone be interested.

I really dislike riding around in a car for “fun”. Never understood it and I get violently car sick in the backseat. Sometimes even in the passenger seat…and on one rather intense occasion while driving on the island of St. Thomas.  It was weird and I sincerely hope not repeatable.
Back in the historical days of pre-marriage while attempting to impress upon my future ex mother in law what a lovely young lady I was I sat in the backseat of her ford escort wagon as she drove for about 3 hours through the winding roads of north Illinois until we meandered into Wisconsin. I remember silently praying for death as my stomach lurched one way then the other. It was horrible.
Now, there is one thing I really enjoy doing while other people drive and that is sleep. Oh, I can go from zero to snore in about 30 seconds if I am with someone I trust to drive and I sleep deeply and well.
I have a rather ongoing non-sexy fantasy of just conking out while someone drives me around for a while.
Alright, I know….not my most interesting of posts.
Love y’all.

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