Hyperfocused MacGuyvering Causes Wounds

I now work at a job where I have more time off than I have ever had before at any job in my life.
It is freaking weird.
Everytime I submit for time off I get in trouble because I keep asking for 8 hours a day off per day and, oddly, I am only supposed to be working for 7 hours per day. Did I mention I get to travel to Ohio for 3 weeks because the place I work freaking closes for 3 weeks? And I still get paid. It is pure insanity to me; now you would think I would have noticed this last year but I had dengue fever, so I sort of missed the 2012/13 holiday season. Almost missed out on living due to that nasty virus. I loathe mosquitos. Anywhoodle, now I have all of this time…but I have absolutely no money. Everytime I think I am getting ahead, something stupid happens like my internet getting turned off because the credit card they had on file expired 4 months ago and now I owe them $200.00 which I don’t have. I paid them $100 and they gave me 5 more days to come up with the rest. So, on Monday I shall call them and beg them to wait until my Thursday paycheck before cutting off the interwebs. I swear, there *is* a point to this post; at least as much of a point as any of my random, oft inane, ramblings.
Today my attention deficit disorder allowed me to hyperfocus on preparing for my visit to Ohio. It all started with my most dangerous of all thoughts, “I wonder…”. In this case the thought was, “I wonder if it would make more sense to purchase shampoo/conditioner/random other toiletries to ship to Ohio so I have less to pack.” Turns out this was a great idea and I will be doing it. But along the way I came across something I *wanted*. I didn’t (don’t) *need* it; but I wanted it. They sell fancy little magnetic compacts that allow you to “de-pot” your makeup and streamline what you actually use. I hate having a crap ton of little compacts because one of my favorite colors or something is stuck in there along with 5 or 6 I didn’t love as much. And off I went…disemboweling makeup cases, finding a cd case to use as a container, then finding a better disemboweled compact to use for the stuff I really liked. I didn’t have any fancy magnetic paint or even magnetic sheeting; but I did have half a gluestick in a hot glue gun, a stick to poke the glue stick through, isopropyl alcohol, a hair straightener, and, obviously, tools.
I am less than proud to say that I didn’t do any of these things safely, intelligently, or even logically. Somehow I impaled my foot on an unknown something, sliced my index finger open while depotting (think slow ripping metal papercut), and received a couple few little burns here and there from grabbing hot little metal pots from the unstable surface of a hair straightening iron placed on a pillow.
I mixed and melted 2 foundations together to make the perfect color, melted small amounts of my 2 favorite lipsticks, mixed loose face powder, blush, and eye shadows with alcohol and made a little pots of pressed powder for various parts of my face. I glued all those little pots of my favorites into a previously disemboweled compact and glued all of the other de-compacted pots into a cd case along with a mirror.
All in all, although it was a totally hyperfocused illogical project that took me way too much time and caused me way too many injuries, I think I did pretty well and made myself a great travel compact.

Starting from the left we have 6 eye shadows, 2 lipsticks, a blush, face powder, and concealer/foundation. All things considered I can create every look I could ever want with what is in this sucker.
I’m quite pleased.
So, being poor makes me creative n’ shit. That said, it also makes me wounded and completely distracted from all of the stuff that I should probably be doing instead of this.

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