Petty crap that annoys me. 😘

Good day campers! In no uncertain terms and in no particular order, the following is a how-to guide to annoying me. (Note: There are many truly important, rage-inducing horrible things in this world; please know these are not those. This post should be entitled: “petty shit that pisses me off but that I should rise above and ignore but probably won’t because I can be a petty dick too.”)
To enrage a H please do one or more of the following:
1. Shush me.  When I’m “shushed” it fills me with a very specific “stabby in your facey” type of rage. Even if I was talking too loud and the shushing was meant to be helpful, still causes me deep-belly burning rage. 
2. Rolling your eyes at me.  Holy Hell, when there are eyes rolled at me, or worse, eyes rolled about me, it takes everything in me not to grab the head of the eye-roller and shake it until their eyes never stop rolling.  It really upsets me, not sure why. 
3. Ignore me while trapping me on the phone.  For the love of all that is precious to you, please,  if your talking to me on the phone, talk. to. me. If you’re done, let’s say bye.  Please don’t have a conversation with the person next to you or only half-pay attention while getting caught up on your texts, games, emails, whatever.
I’m pretty sure I’ve repeatedly whined about how much I loathe speaking on the phone.  Physically speaking to someone on the phone is agonizing to me.  There are hundreds of things I would rather be doing than talk on the phone, so if what has to be said is important enough to have me be on the phone–be on the fucking phone.  Now, I rather loathe my phone and don’t actually like being in contact 24/7;ecause of this  I have pissed off numerous friends and family because I am often too UNavailable. I recognize this is also a problem but this is my blog and I get to talk about shit that annoys me,  not the many ways I piss off others.  😆
That’s all I can think of at the moment, but check back often for new and improved ways of irritating the fuck out of me!

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