Lunchtime Ramblings….

*blinks slowly*

ya know, for a monday, there is a ridiculous amount of work in my work today. Things to do, frustrations to fuss about, passive aggressive emails to send, and surprisingly – a completely inane posting at lunchtime.

I attempted to go on a movie date twice this holiday weekend, I say attempt because the sheer volume of people waiting to get tickets to the newest fast n furious (why? why is there so much fury when they get to go so fast?) movie caused us both to pause and say, “nope…to many people”. But we tried and that TOTALLY counts, right?

It was also the weekend of random weird shit, my favorite of which was a tree frog falling out of the tree and landing on the windshield of the car. I was full of the squee! and the wonder while the boyfriend was full of the holy shit, a fucking frog just fell on the car! At his decidedly squicked out face I proceeded to grab the poor startled baseball sized froggie and put him back into the trees.

ooh, my sandwich is here!


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