no shit, here i am

So. I’ve been waiting at the gyno’s office for like HOURS. My appt was supposed to be 2 hours ago. I am currently wearing a (not) sexy white paper sheet under flourescent lighting. Jealous? I know.
I have a favor to ask of ya’ll; could you please start pimping out this site to like-minded folk?
I find the more readers I have the more often I write. 🙂

So, as you all know I am smitten with Bear but last night Sasha was all–I WANT MORE SMUT. With details, and plot.
Fuck me, details and plot are a bitch. But I will get working on it. 😉

And I have another past friend asking to be invited back to the cast. How can I say no?; she is a friend, sweet, and lovely.

And holy fucking stoned batman. I’m self medicated here to prep for the pain of this “procedure” aka ripping off a chunk or 9 of your cervix.
I took a vicodin, 2 advil, and 2 ativan.
It is SO nap-thirty.

Dear Cervix.

Well, fuck. I have an infected cervix. No, it is not from an sti. Yes, I double checked. It could have been a couple of things 1. trauma (okay, sometimes too rough is too rough) or it could have been 2. ocean sex.
Or maybe some jack-assed combination of the two. One thing I know is I feel like utter crap. All I want to do is go back to bed–ALL DAY.
So anyway,
Dear Cervix,
you make me sad; please stop trying to kill me.
Thank you,