May 31, 2011

~whiny much?  sorry for that.~

Ya ever walk into work and realize there is so much to do that you short circuit and basically spin in a circle accomplishing nothing and become more frantic and less capable as the day where’s on?

Yeah…that was my day.

It all started with a broken toaster oven, a failed attempt at toasting a bagel using a pan, and giving up and eating ruffles and ice cream (not together–what am I? Insane?) for breakfast.

I stand by the fact that taking mondays off always screws my following week up.


Ah. My blood sugars are high, I’m popping advil like mad, and I’m in a fog. That equals Infection. Where you ask?  My ear. That’s right. My right goddamn ear.

All I wanna do is go to bed. 😦


Mmm’kay – update:  much better after a couple days of antibiotics.

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