So, my world has been…challenging of late. I don’t know if everything made me feel so out of control and this is the way I am trying to regain some control. Or maybe I am just sick of eating crap. Who knows? Who cares? The point of this random little post is that I have just spent 5 hours shopping, organizing, doing dishes, and cooking.
And I forgot how satisfying planning a menu, cooking, storing, and eating delicious home-cooked food can be. Satisfying and exhausting.
Thus far I have a roast in the crockpot which is slowly turning into something similar to Chipotle’s barbacoa. Tomorrow I will be making the cilantro/lime rice and making some burritos and chimichangas. I am also making some amazing beef barley soup; the smell in my house is so good the dogs keep walking around and sniffing. Herbert who has never seen anyone cook looks so excited by the smells that he is vibrating.
Tomorrow morning I’m planning on making a ‘Dutch baby’ apple pancake…similar to what can be eaten at Walker Bros pancake house in Illinois. If it turns out I will probably just implode from the deliciousness.
I’m excited about the pancake. šŸ™‚

In other island news tis the season o’ camping. Every year around Easter a large number of people move to the beaches, set up tents, and celebrate Easter in the most unique way I’ve ever had the privilege to observe. If anyone is familiar with Pennsic, it appears to be very similar…just on a beach with no medieval trappings. But the territoriality and clan/camp mentality is very similar.
It’s awesome and I love that it exists; but to be honest I have never gotten an invite or hung out on the beach with all the celebrants. It can be intimidating to walk up to a large group of people you don’t know to ask if I can play. šŸ™‚
Anyway, off to make more food. šŸ™‚ have a great night folks.

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