Heather’s Midwest Tour v1

Dear lord, this has been the best and worst trip.  Part of me is thrilled to be here, but part of me is all squidgedy about money.  Because I have spent pretty much everything I have.  Which of course fills me with squidgedy disquieted doom.  But screw it, what is done is done.  It is just so freaking amazing to see all of the STUFF.  To be fair, as beautiful as St. Croix is, it does not have everything.  To be specific (and judge me at will) I would probably never leave the island if it had a Chipotle, a Taco Bell, an Olive Garden, a Target, and lastly, a Best Buy.  Why, you ask? So I can get a working keyboard so I can type on my phone.  As much as Swype and I get along I just can’t write paragraphs without wanting to punch someone in the face.   
I will write more tomorrow about the insanity that is my family; however tonight I am heading out with my sister to meet a boy she may be interested in.
Much love,

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