So, one day at work I was trapped in an office with a farting Herbert attempting to complete am online training course and the smell combined with the horrid cartoon character named Bob attempting to teach me electrical code standards. FML it was a stinky hell.
But thankfully that prerequisite is completed and here I am in Jacksonville, FL taking the live face to face version. Yesterday I was totally hosed and someone else mistakenly completed my assigned project, I then basically threw crap together during his presentation to cover the gap. Not to toot my own horn but I did pretty darn good.
Something that happened earlier in the day sticks in my brain though; I was eating lunch with the instructor and some other classmates and the instructor said something which floored me, he said, “just wait until you get to your thirties, it gets worse.” 
My articulate reply, “huh? Dude, I’m 35.”
Too which he looked shocked.
To be fair, a sentence beginning with “huh” and “dude” did not reflect upon my supposed aged wisdom, but damn. I am now dying to ask people how old I look…Le sigh, vanity, not good.

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