>Happy Easter

>Good morning everyone, I hope you all wake up to presents from the easter bunny.
As most of you know due to my whiny post–i have a cold. But I am currently coming down from quite an adrenaline rush. Here's what happened: last night I took an interesting cocktail of cold medicines designed to let me sleep, not cough, and reduce the amount of goo my head is trying to drown me in. So, sleep I did. And while I slept my mischievous puppies worked on an Easter present for me! After my kidneys filtered the cold medicines and filled my bladder I woke up about 5AM and began the climb down to the bathroom. I didn't see it then, but after the lights were on–there it was!
A RAT. My puppies had killed me a rat.
Now, quite a few different thoughts came to me all at once. 1. Eeeeeeeeek!!!! A RAT IN MY HOUSE. 2. Okay, this shouldn't freak me out-I've worked with all sorts of Eeeeeek!!! A Rat! 3. This WOULD happen when Wilkes is not here. 4. Find the latex gloves.
So, I donned the gloves, covered it in paper towels, and bagged it up in a ziplock (gallon size–not a small rat!). Then I ran down and put it in the landlord's garbage cause I didn't want it in mine.
So, after one last Eeeek! And a few Ewwws. I scrubbed my hands, told the dogs they were good dogs (better dead rat than a live one I guess) and came back to bed.
So, I hope you all wake up to better Easter baskets than mine. (Ewww)

>Boo Hoo Bunny

>Well Folks, what we have here is a Boo Hoo Bunny situation.
My husband is on his way home, I have a nasty cold that I got when we took my husband to the doctor on island (turned out to be an ear infection). But I was stuck sitting next to a woman coughing and oozing out of all her face holes. I joked, "great, now I gonna TB. Like Russian Prison TB."
So now I have a cold. Not like a sneezing cold, but a tight hacking cough someone kill me my lungs hurt-cold.
Yup, I caught me the consumption (this is a joke, I seriously doubt I have tuberculosis).
And Wilkes is gone. My house seems so empty. And big.
Yes. I am totally lonely, and am currently wallowing in my own misery (insert hacking cough here).
And then, when I was sittin here typing this up–i spilled my soda onto my phone!!!! I snapped it up and took it apart super quick.
Phew…nothin wet. I took it apart anyway to let it dry just in case. I put it back together and it worked fine. Until all my keys started typing different letters. (Eek!) So I took it apart again. This time putting it in a ziplock with some dessicant packs and some cotton balls. After an hour or 2 I tried again, success!
I'm driving into town to say goodbye to my aunt and uncle tonight–it has been great to see them.
Goodnight all!

>Doctor Hunt of Doom…

>Well, we are waiting outside of doctor #3.
Doctor #1 was off island; Doctor #2 had a waiting room (and hallway) full of folk and was not taking anymore walk-ins; but we are on the list for Doctor #3. We are waiting outside as the waiting room is full of sick people.
And there is a small cruel part of me wondering if I smacked the side of his head if it would fix his ear.
Don’t worry, I know it won’t.

>My New Drink…

>Dear Folks,
Coupla new things, 1st off it is Sunday and my husband was supposed to go home today. However for the past 2 days he has been deaf in his right ear. So the airline recommended that he not fly, pay them a buttload more money to change his flight, and that we find an island doctor. So we have our plans for the next day or so….*sigh*
2nd thing, I invented a new drink. Wilkes named it the "Constipated Russian" and it is delicious!
Take one coffee cup, fill with ice. Add some cold-brewed coffee (my new favorite thing, seriously, google it–it has changed my entire opinion on coffee), then add some vanilla rum and some caramel baileys. Then top off with milk and more ice. Oh, the secret ingredient? 2 tsp of Benefiber. (Well, it's kinda like eating a vegetable.). Sure, the fiber is not required, but how else would it be a "Constipated Russian".
And thirdly, my Aunt and Uncle are on island (Yay!!) But they had a rough time getting out of Miami so we decided to meet up tomorrow instead. I can't wait to see them!!!!

>I don’t know…

>Dear everyone. I haven’t written lately, mainly because I have my husband in town and it is way more fun to spend time with him then time with my computer. I even turned in my timesheet a day late (I am going straight to accounting hell when I get back–hey, thats not a bad idea–we should lock people in trouble with accounting in a closet or something…waterboarding?) sorry, lost track there for a minute.
Anyway, everyone is asking, do you know if you are being shipped home? In truth, I have absolutely no idea. Neither does anyone else. Believe me, I have asked.
When (if) I find out, I will let everyone know. But for now, there is just no information. Some days it feels like I am here for the duration, some days, not so much.
The truly sucky part is I have absolutely no control over it. None at all. So I am just enjoying my time here day by day and really enjoying having my husband here. He is loving the water and does some snorkeling (and he free dives too!) almost daily. The dogs were thrilled to see him and everything is going great.
I love ya’ll, and I will write more (and be funnier) when I am alone and bored. I get damned entertaining when I am bored. 🙂